DELUXE Master Beer Brewer’s Kit



All the equipment for brewing and bottling beer at home!  Kit includes: 7 gal. primary fermenter, 7 gal. bottling tank with faucet, bottle filling wand, Auto Siphon, double lever bottle capper, hydrometer with test tube, digital thermometer strip, sanitizer, instruction booklet. In addition to this setup, you’ll need ingredients, bottle caps, and beer bottles, plus the “Guide to Brewing Great Beer at Home” booklet.  Later add a 6 gal.  carboy, a corker and a wine juice kit and you can make wine with this setup, too!

PLUS the following is all INCLUDED:  Ingredients for your first batch of beer, bottle caps, priming sugar.  Also, our copyrighted How to Brew Beer booklet is included!  Buying this setup saves you money.  PLEASE TELL US WHAT STYLE OF BEER you’d like by typing it into the Special Instructions section of our order page. (This same setup is available in our store, but also includes 2 cases of re-useable beer bottles, and the system is priced at $199.97.)

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Weight 40 lbs


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