How to Get Started Brewing Beer

Making your own world-class beer… in any style you prefer… is as simple as making canned soup! When you stop into “My Brew Heaven®” you’ll see dozens of canned “beer mix” varieties on our shelves, just waiting for you to take them home and convert them into delicious, fresh home brewed beer. We also stock dozens of styles of “recipe kits” with all the components to brew a batch of beer from “scratch”. It’s completely legal and free of all alcohol taxes (one of the reasons you’ll save so much money brewing your own).

Beer brewed at home simply tastes better than commercial beer: the ingredients are pure and fresh with no chemical additives. And because we selectively stock only the most premium ingredients, you can be sure of top-quality beer each time you brew a batch.

To get started as a home brewer you simply purchase a “My Brew Heaven” Master Brewer’s System. The “kit” contains every piece of gear needed to ferment, bottle and cap 60 bottles of beer at a time.

Here’s a listing of the items in your beer kit:

You can use any non-twist-off beer bottles you save! We even offer this same setup with bottles included, in-store only (because bottles don’t ship well).

All the above costs less than $178, and once you have everything you only buy ingredients for the next 60 bottles of beer. A batch of beer will normally cost from around $27 all the way to a couple of styles running into the $50+ range, so you’ll be brewing 8 to 10 six packs of ANY STYLE of beer for prices way below store-bought retail! Just think of the most expensive brand of beer you enjoy… and imagine brewing beer just like that for half what you pay in a store. Amazing!

To brew your beer, just “cook” the canned ingredients in a large pot (the pot you use for spaghetti or stew will do just fine) with a few quarts of water for a few minutes (remember the canned soup comparison?). Then add the hot mixture to enough cold water in your fermenting tank to total 6 gallons. Sprinkle in the brewing yeast provided with your canned mix, seal the fermenter, insert a little item called an “airlock”, and let it sit for a week to ferment. At the end of a week, your beer is ready to bottle and carbonate.

After a couple of weeks of bottle aging and natural carbonating, your beer is ready to chill and enjoy!! It’s just that simple… and wait’ll you actually TASTE your own fresh beer. It’s better than anything you’ve ever bought commercially, because you’re now “Micro Brewing” your own personal beer at home… for a fraction of the cost of buying beer.

Order your Starter setup today! Just tell us your favorite Brand or Style of beer, and we’ll supply everything for you. We even reward “frequent brewers” with FREE batches of beer after every 10 batches brewed within 12 months!

Click on the Ordering Button below, fill in all the information, and your personal Master Brewer’s System will ship out within 24 hours. In the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS section of the secure Online Order form, be sure to tell us your favorite style of beer, since we’ll be including your first batch as part of your Starter System. Or stop into our Gainesville, GA shop right now and start brewing fresh beer today!